My Personal Story

I grew up in Sydney Australia for 8 years and have lived in 9 US States. My job history includes Ballroom Dance Instructor, Mechanic, Stilt Performer, Business Owner, Promotional Manager, Bartender, Military Veteran and many more. But I am a firm believer that my random past has made me the well-rounded person I am today.

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My Acting Career

After my first acting class, in January 2005, I imediately fell in love and have been "working" ever since. With well over 60 projects under my belt, my passion still remains and I can't wait until my next booking. The creative process, diversity and artistic impression are what fuel me. But film is where my heart is...

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Australia Presentations (K-5th graders)

The 8 years I spent in Australia had a major immpact on my life and it is something that I like to share with those who may never be able to make the trip. My alias (Aussie Ayden) performs live presentations for kids (K-5th Grades) all about Australia. He even plays the didgeridoo and has a full-on Aussie accent.

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