Aussie Ayden is an Australian Character who travels to schools and performs live presentations for grades K-5th. During the performance there is a Power Point Presentation (entirely animated to keep kid's attention) followed by a live Didgeridoo demonstration. That is then followed by arts and crafts that each teacher can customize to fit their classes needs.

Aussie Ayden's Pressentation is a high energy, entertaining way to bring life to the mysteries of Australia.

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    2012 added the next element to Aussie Ayden with the addition of my first DVD. It is geared towards homeschooled children or parents who are looking to add another educational resource to their library. The DVD (Aussie Ayden’s Outback Adventure) covers similar topics that I cover in the live shows; Language (Aussie Lingo), animals, sports, people, culture, places and even includes a Didgeridoo demonstration.

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