Australia Presentations (K-5th Grades)

Two weeks after my 7th birthday,my mum moved my sister and I to a far off land called Australia. Quite a birthday present if you ask me. To this day I still remember all of the sights, sounds and smells that flooded my senses as we arrived. We spent the next 8 years there which laid a foundation that has molded me into who I am today. As part of my Aussie experience, I lived in the Outback (Kangaroo Valley) for 6 months. I was 14. It was one of the best experiences of my life. All of our school courses where based around nature and the outdoors. We hiked and lived in tents 4 days a week and learned how to build things from scratch and all about teamwork. It is amazing how much you learn about yourself when you are stripped of all life’s comforts (toys, candy, family, friends) at such a young age.

The evolution of Aussie Ayden came in 2006 when a close friend of mine asked me to visit her 1st Grade Classroom and give a presentation to her kids about various aspects of the country that I love. My first presentation was a little scary and it may have been the longest 30 minutes of my life. I can get up in front of 1,000 people and talk about anything (or nothing at all) and feel totally comfortable, but for some reason, I was petrified of a classroom of 1st Graders. But over the years Jessica and I have formed my presentation into a 45min-1hr stage presentation that is entertaining for K-5th Graders. That is then followed by classroom visits to reach the children on a more personal level. I have since learned that once you can handle a room full of 1st Graders, you can handle anything. And now there is nothing more rewarding than seeing kids’ faces light up with excitement and hearing their laugh.

My presentation is constantly evolving, and hopefully 2013 will see the addition of live animals into the show. 2012 added the next element to Aussie Ayden with the addition of my first DVD. It is geared towards homeschooled children or parents who are looking to add another educational resource to their library. The DVD (Aussie Ayden’s Outback Adventure) covers similar topics that I cover in the live shows; Language (Aussie Lingo), animals, sports, people, culture, places and even includes a Didgeridoo demonstration.

For live presentations, I have created a Power Point Presentation that is ENTIRELY ANIMATED with moving pictures, changing colors, and sounds. Being a true kid at heart makes it easy for me to relate to children and to understand their short attention spans, which makes teaching a LOT easier. I come in character as Aussie Ayden, complete with Aussie Accent and toys. The Power Point alone is very informative, but combine that with my exuberant personality and energy and I guarantee that the kids will not only be entertained, but they will learn something along the way.
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